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Sharon Nease
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In the article by Sharon Nease, the renovation of Marina Del Rey III, a 33-storey condominium building in Etobicoke, is discussed. The board of directors aimed to update the 28-year-old building while focusing on quality, longevity, and value. Wiklém Design inc., in collaboration with the board, developed a renovation plan that focused on updating necessary elements and preserving existing components. The renovation strategy included enhancing the entrance, lobby, elevators, corridors, and suite doors. New design elements such as modern chandeliers, lighting details, and accent wall coverings were introduced to add character and value. The article highlights the importance of strategic and well-planned design elements in creating a cohesive living experience for residents, guests, and potential buyers.


Sharon Nease, Marina Del Rey III, Etobicoke, condominium renovation, quality, longevity, value, renovation strategy, design elements, lobby, elevators, corridors, suite doors, lighting, accent wall coverings, entrance transformation, cohesive living experience.

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Sharon Nease
Details of Distinction
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