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Cybercrime: Protecting your Corporation’s Digital Assets from Threats and Thieves

Brian Bosscher
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Discusses the threat of cybercrime and phishing attacks to condo corporations and property managers. It highlights the various tactics used by hackers to compromise sensitive information, including phishing emails and ransomware attacks. The article emphasizes the importance of protecting digital assets and provides several strategies for doing so. These strategies include implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) for accounts, configuring permissions for minimum access, and learning how to identify high-risk emails. The article encourages property managers to be cautious and vigilant in examining emails for red flags, such as unusual sender addresses, spelling errors, and inconsistent tones. It also suggests contacting the alleged sender if unsure about the validity of an email and taking quick action to delete suspicious or threatening messages.


Cybercrime, phishing attacks, digital assets, property managers, two-factor authentication (2FA), minimum access permissions, high-risk emails, vigilant, security measures, sensitive information.

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Brian Bosscher
Cybercrime: Protecting your Corporation’s Digital Assets from Threats and Thieves
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