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Creating Meaningful Diversity in Your Workplace Can Lead to Better Business

Brian Bosscher
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Discusses the lack of diversity in the Canadian tech industry and emphasizes the need for change to improve workplace diversity. Despite the success of tech companies, many struggle with hiring diverse candidates, leading to a predominantly male and white workforce. The author, from a small SaaS company serving the condo management industry, shares their experience of intentionally striving for diversity in their team. They recognized the importance of diverse voices, skills, and opinions for company growth. The author outlines steps taken to disrupt the status quo, including including viable female candidates in the interview process and using standardized interview questions to ensure objectivity. The benefits of a diverse team are highlighted, including attracting skilled candidates, avoiding groupthink, and offering unique perspectives. The author calls on Canadian companies, particularly in the tech sector, to embrace meaningful diversity to stay relevant and succeed in a global context.


Workplace diversity, tech industry, hiring, diversity initiatives, diverse team, gender diversity, inclusive hiring, interview process, standardized questions, benefits of diversity, unique perspectives, meaningful diversity, Canadian companies, global context.

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Brian Bosscher
Creating Meaningful Diversity in Your Workplace Can Lead to Better Business
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