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COVID-19 and the Condo Climate

Murray Johnson, John De Vellis, Stacey Kurck, Connie Pappas-Boccitto
Publication date:
April 1, 2021
Article Summary: 

The article discusses a webinar held by CCI-T (Canadian Condominium Institute - Toronto Chapter) titled "COVID-19 and the Condo Climate: Coping with the Stress of it All!" The webinar aimed to help Condo Directors and Managers understand the various stressors and challenges arising from COVID-19 in condominium communities. The speakers identified areas of tension, such as amenity closures, positive COVID-19 cases, and harassment of employees. They provided recommendations and tactics, including response plans, amenity reopening plans, and communication tools, to address immediate and long-term issues and manage risk related to COVID-19. The webinar also included live polls that revealed insights from attendees regarding workplace harassment and amenity status during the pandemic.


COVID-19, Condo Climate, Condominium Communities, Webinar, Stressors, Amenity Closures, Positive Cases, Workplace Harassment, Communication Tools, Risk Management.

Source Citation: 
Murray Johnson, John De Vellis, Stacey Kurck, Connie Pappas-Boccitto
COVID-19 and the Condo Climate
April 1, 2021
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