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Counterpoint: A Vote for Change

Denise Lash
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Electronic voting in condominium management is a modern and efficient way to replace the outdated proxy voting system. The opposition to electronic voting often comes from individuals who benefit from the flawed proxy voting system, allowing them to maintain control for extended periods. Electronic voting provides owners with the convenience of casting their own encrypted votes, increasing participation and accountability. The shift towards electronic voting is evident in over half the states in the U.S., where it has become the norm and even led to the prohibition of proxy voting in some cases. Electronic voting ensures owner participation, accountability, and efficient decision-making, while the proxy voting system concentrates power and decision-making in the hands of a few. Despite initial resistance, the widespread acceptance of electronic voting is inevitable and will ultimately serve the best interests of condominium unit owners.


Electronic voting, proxy voting, condominium management, efficiency, accountability, owner participation, decision-making, modernization, proxy system, opposition, owner empowerment, U.S. states, change, future of voting.

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Denise Lash
Counterpoint: A Vote for Change
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