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Council Decision Making in the 21st Century Are Email Decisions Alright?

Shawn M. Smith
Publication date:
May 16, 2019
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the use of email for making decisions in strata council meetings in the 21st century. While the Standard Bylaws under the Strata Property Act (SPA) traditionally require face-to-face meetings for council decisions, practical constraints may necessitate using email for urgent matters or for strata corporations with distant council members. The article raises several practical problems with email decisions, such as compliance with notice requirements, establishing a quorum, and notifying owners. Despite not being explicitly provided for in the Standard Bylaws, email decisions have been upheld in some cases. However, the article emphasizes the inherent dangers of email decisions and suggests amending bylaws to establish a framework for proper email decision-making.


Council Decision Making, 21st Century, Email Decisions, Strata Property Act (SPA), Standard Bylaws, Quorum, Notice Requirements, Strata Council Meetings, Electronic Means, Privacy Issues, Decision Ratification, Practical Problems, Amendment of Bylaws.

Source Citation: 
Shawn M. Smith
Council Decision Making in the 21st Century Are Email Decisions Alright?
May 16, 2019
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