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Corridor Refurbishment Bid-Rigging Lawsuit

Chris Jaglowitz
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Discusses a proposed class-action lawsuit related to alleged bid-rigging conspiracy in corridor refurbishment projects involving several Greater Toronto Area (GTA) contractors between 2006 and 2016. Bid-rigging involves secret agreements among suppliers to determine the winner of a contract, leading to higher prices or inferior services. The article outlines the history of the case, including the charges laid by the Competition Bureau against contractors and their subsequent guilty pleas. The proposed class-action lawsuit is led by a condominium corporation and aims to assert the rights of similarly affected condo corporations. The article advises condo corporations on preserving documentation related to corridor refurbishment projects, explains the class-action process, and highlights the potential benefits of the lawsuit in deterring anti-competitive behavior. It also mentions the Competition Bureau's Collusion Risk Assessment Tool for assessing and minimizing risks related to anti-competitive behavior in procurement processes.


Bid rigging, class-action lawsuit, corridor refurbishment, condominium corporation, Competition Bureau, anti-competitive behavior, procurement processes.

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Chris Jaglowitz
Corridor Refurbishment Bid-Rigging Lawsuit
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