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Continuing Shortages in the Condo Industry Due to the Pandemic

Vince Bennett, RCM
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Discusses the ongoing challenges faced by the condominium industry due to the continuing impact of the global pandemic. The author, Vince Bennett, an RCM (Registered Condominium Manager), highlights the various issues that have arisen, including staffing shortages, difficulty acquiring materials, longer lead times, and increased costs of materials and equipment. These challenges have made it difficult for property managers to effectively service their clients, plan projects, and manage expectations. The article emphasizes the importance of communication in addressing these challenges and managing the expectations of boards and residents. Bennett suggests that over-communication and education about the current issues are crucial to help alleviate frustration and stress among all parties involved in the condominium management process.


pandemic impact, condominium industry, challenges, staffing shortages, material acquisition, communication, property managers, expectations management.

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Vince Bennett, RCM
Continuing Shortages in the Condo Industry Due to the Pandemic
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