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Contemplating Litigation

Victor Yee, Antoni Casalinuovo
Publication date:
April 1, 2020
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the human factor in condo law and how it affects the decisions made by judges and adjudicators. Condo law involves real people with real emotions, and the Condominium Act is not always straightforward. Judges may consider human emotions and fairness rather than strict adherence to the law. The article highlights a case where the judge felt torn between the human factor and following the law. The article also addresses concerns about the use of an entirely online dispute resolution system by the Condominium Authority Tribunal of Ontario (CAT) for condo disputes, arguing that it may not adequately consider human factors and credibility contests.


Condo Law, Human Factor, Justice, Judges, Impartiality, Condominium Community, Condominium Act, Condominium Authority Tribunal, CAT, Disputes, Credibility, In-Person Trial, Online Dispute Resolution, ODR, Human Emotions, Fairness, Adjudicators.

Source Citation: 
Victor Yee, Antoni Casalinuovo
Contemplating Litigation
April 1, 2020
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