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Construction Documents: Types of Construction Drawings

Michael Hennesy
Publication date:
July 27, 2022
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Construction Documents: Types of Construction Drawings

Construction documents are legally binding contracts that define the roles, responsibilities and work by which the construction project will be completed. They can be written, graphical and pictorial and are like puzzle pieces that make up a bigger picture of the project's design, location and physical characteristics. There are many components to construction documents, such as contracts and conditions between all parties involved in the project, guaranteed maximum price (GMP), time and materials, lump sum, cost-plus and unit price. Most construction documents outline how change orders will be processed, how payment is approved, notice requirements on the job site, dispute resolution and suspension and termination procedures.
Construction documents are essential for obtaining permits and having a legally compliant job site. These documents outline the techniques used, quality standards, acceptable materials and quality testing for compliance. Construction drawings are also part of the paperwork and cover everything from codes, safety plans and sustainability standards to civil engineering, landscape architecture, structural and architectural drawings, as well as plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems. Schedules are usually two types: the construction schedule has the project timeline, budget and milestones that are tracked and adjusted as needed, and the construction specifications are made by the architect or engineer and approved by the client before the construction company executes. A0 sheets, also known as project information, have a cover sheet that summarizes the project information such as names, contact information, property details, zone use, building type, city pin number, site map, regulations, etc. A1 sheets are demolition plans that show the existing building preconstruction.


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Michael Hennesy
Construction Documents: Types of Construction Drawings
July 27, 2022
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