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Construction Delivery Methods: A Quick Guide for Projects

Brenna Koeneke
Publication date:
August 4, 2022
Article Summary: 

Construction Delivery Methods: A Quick Guide for Projects

Construction delivery methods are the means by which a construction project gets from idea to completion. They are a system for organizing and financing the design, construction, operations and maintenance services for the build on which you're working. There are many different types of construction delivery methods, from design-bid-build, design-build and construction manager at risk to integrated project delivery, job order contracting and public-private partnerships. To choose the right construction delivery method for your organization and project, you must know what you're building and why. To help guide you, look at the project budget, design, risks, schedule and owner's expertise.

The most important details of a project are the construction budget, design, and construction risk. The budget should be realistic and include financial wiggle room to handle change orders. Software costs should also be included, as they are instrumental in reducing costs and speeding up the delivery of the project. Construction risk should be evaluated long before committing to a project, and liability should be taken into account.


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Brenna Koeneke
Construction Delivery Methods: A Quick Guide for Projects
August 4, 2022
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