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Considering the Importance of Periodic Inspections of Façades for Tall Buildings

Ryan Page
Publication date:
May 1, 2023
Article Summary: 

The article emphasizes the importance of periodic inspections of building facades for tall buildings. It highlights the critical role of facades in providing separation between the conditioned and unconditioned environment and explains that facade deterioration can lead to unsafe conditions, jeopardizing public safety and surrounding properties. The article discusses notable failures related to facade issues and the jurisdictional requirements for facade inspection ordinances in various cities in Canada and the United States. It also introduces the ASTM E2270 standard for periodic inspection of building facades for unsafe conditions and discusses available facade inspection technologies. The article concludes by addressing the need to attain a reasonable level of confidence in the inspection process and the importance of incorporating legislation and standards to ensure proper facade maintenance and safety.


Building Facades, Periodic Inspections, Tall Buildings, Facade Deterioration, Building Envelope, Public Safety, Facade Failures, Facade Ordinances, ASTM E2270, Inspection Technologies, NDT, DT, Representative Sample Area, Legislation, Standards, Facade Inspection Requirements, Safety Measures, Building Owners, Industry Consultants, Building Maintenance, Building Codes.

Source Citation: 
Ryan Page
Considering the Importance of Periodic Inspections of Façades for Tall Buildings
May 1, 2023
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