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Condos Are Playing Catch-Up When It Comes To EV Charging

Robert Van Rhijn
Publication date:
August 14, 2022
Article Summary: 

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Canada continues to grow, condo residents are finding it difficult to find convenient EV charging spots. Although EV sales increased by almost 60% year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2021, many condo developers and boards have been slow to respond to the demand for EV charging infrastructure. According to a survey supported by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, one-third of Canadians who live in apartments and condos are having the hardest time finding convenient places to charge their EVs. While EV charging is becoming a more common amenity in newer and pre-construction condos, pre-existing condos are playing catch-up, often charging high prices for private EV hookups. However, as more residents pressure condo boards to install chargers and as more new builds include them, they will likely become more affordable.


condos, EV charging, electric vehicles, infrastructure, amenities, affordability, sustainability, Canada

Source Citation: 
Robert Van Rhijn
Condos Are Playing Catch-Up When It Comes To EV Charging
August 14, 2022
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