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Condos And Kitec Plumbing: What You Need To Know

Toronto Realty Boutique
Publication date:
December 1, 2022
Article Summary: 

Kitec plumbing, a type of plastic piping with brass fittings, was commonly used in constructing condos, townhouses, and houses in Ontario between 1995-2007. However, many homes and condos with Kitec plumbing have experienced piping failure, resulting in leaks and water damage or clogging and poor water pressure. This is believed to be caused by fittings that contain high levels of zinc, which corrodes and weakens over time. Although there was a class action lawsuit in 2011 with a settlement for a $125 million fund to compensate those who experienced damages from flooding, you had to be registered by 2020 to benefit from the funds. The cost of replacement ranges from $5k to-$12k for an average condo unit, and it's usually the condo owner who ends up paying the bill. It is essential to inspect the status certificate and ask the condo board about the plumbing system before making an offer.


Kitec plumbing, condo market, brass fittings, piping failure, class action lawsuit, replacement cost, condo owner, status certificate.

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Toronto Realty Boutique
Condos And Kitec Plumbing: What You Need To Know
December 1, 2022
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