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Condo Renovation: Can You Renovate A Condo | Part 1

Toronto Realty Botuique
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The decision to renovate a condo versus moving to a house involves considering long-term living situations. For a couple without children or pets, the space and rooms in a house felt excessive compared to their beloved condo with city and lake views. Before proceeding with a renovation, it's crucial to consult with building management and the condo board to understand the rules and regulations. A detailed proposal outlining renovation plans, including any structural changes and potential impacts on other residents, is necessary. Seeking design inspiration, setting a budget, and hiring a designer are essential steps in the renovation process. Realistic budgeting, contingency planning for unexpected costs, and seeking advice from experts are vital for a successful condo renovation.


Condo renovation, House versus condo, Building management, Condo board, Renovation rules, Proposal submission, Design inspiration, Budgeting, Hiring a designer, Contingency planning.

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Toronto Realty Botuique
Condo Renovation: Can You Renovate A Condo | Part 1
Not Available
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