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Condo Lingo – Common Errors and Misconceptions Part 2

Michelle Kelly
Publication date:
August 17, 2021
Article Summary: 

This blog post on the RCLLP website discusses some common errors and misconceptions related to "condo lingo" - the specialized language used in the world of condominiums. The post explains that understanding this language is important for condo owners and residents, as it can affect their legal rights and obligations.

The post covers several specific terms and concepts that are often misunderstood in the context of condominiums, such as common elements, exclusive use common elements, and limited common elements. It also provides examples of how these terms might be misused or misinterpreted, and offers guidance on how to use them correctly.

Overall, the post emphasizes the importance of clarity and precision in communication related to condominiums, and encourages condo owners and residents to educate themselves on the relevant terminology and legal concepts in order to avoid misunderstandings and potential legal issues.


condo lingo, common errors, misconceptions, legal rights, common elements, exclusive use common elements, limited common elements, communication, legal concepts.

Source Citation: 
Michelle Kelly
Condo Lingo – Common Errors and Misconceptions Part 2
August 17, 2021
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