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Condo Culture: Crossing Global Borders to Strengthen Neighbourly Bonds

Maryan Florio, RCM
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Highlights the importance of fostering a sense of community and neighborly bonds in condominiums, particularly in culturally diverse settings. Understanding the cultural demographics of the building is crucial for building a strong community. Effective communication and understanding residents' needs beyond the surface level are emphasized. The author shares experiences of accommodating residents from different cultural backgrounds, such as Muslim families, and the importance of learning basic terms in their languages to facilitate communication. The article also discusses addressing challenges related to cultural sensitivities, like organizing events where residents with diverse cultural backgrounds can participate comfortably. The importance of active inclusion, encouraging events that promote commonalities while embracing differences, is highlighted. Examples of inclusive events, such as an end-of-summer potluck party, are provided. The author underscores the role of property managers in creating an inclusive atmosphere that promotes neighborly bonds and a sense of belonging.


Condo culture, neighborly bonds, sense of community, cultural demographics, communication, accommodation, cultural sensitivities, events, active inclusion, property managers, diverse backgrounds, inclusive atmosphere.

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Maryan Florio, RCM
Condo Culture: Crossing Global Borders to Strengthen Neighbourly Bonds
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