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Condo Balcony Fires on the Rise

Toronto Condo News
Publication date:
November 26, 2018
Article Summary: 

In this article, the rise in balcony fires in high-rise condos in Toronto is highlighted, with over half of smoking-related fires starting on balconies. The careless disposal of cigarettes on balconies, where wind can cause them to land on flammable items, is a major cause of these fires. Modern materials, such as plastics and foam, used in balcony decor also add to the risk. The legalization of cannabis is anticipated to increase the risk of fires in high-rise buildings. Condo communities that prohibit smoking of all types on the property are at a lower risk of fire.


balcony fires, high-rise condos, Toronto, smoking, cigarette butts, flammable items, modern materials, plastics, foam, potting soils, peat moss, cannabis legalization, fire risk, smoking prohibition.

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Toronto Condo News
Condo Balcony Fires on the Rise
November 26, 2018
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