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Communicating to Owners: Going Above & Beyond the Legal Requirements

Joel Berkovitz & Armand Conant
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Emphasizes the importance of effective communication between condominium managers and owners, going beyond the legal requirements to foster understanding and cooperation within the community. It discusses various instances where going above and beyond prescribed communications can benefit both parties. Examples include including the reason behind projects in notices, providing additional information in Periodic Information Certificates (PICs) about reserve fund projects, adding disclaimers in status certificates to mitigate legal liabilities, highlighting important rules, and providing guides on correctly filling out proxies. The article also underscores the significance of year-round open communication through newsletters and town hall meetings to educate owners about condominium ownership. The message conveyed is that proactive and transparent communication can enhance community understanding and engagement.


communication, owners, condominium, legal requirements, understanding, community engagement.

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Joel Berkovitz & Armand Conant
Communicating to Owners: Going Above & Beyond the Legal Requirements
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