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Common element nuisance – what’s bugs got to do (got to do with it)?

Publication date:
May 30, 2023
Article Summary: 

The blog post explores the concept of common element nuisance in the context of condominium living. It discusses the issue of pests, such as bugs, and how they can be considered a common element nuisance in a condominium community. The author examines the responsibilities of condominium corporations and unit owners in addressing pest-related issues, including the identification, prevention, and resolution of pest problems. The blog highlights the importance of communication, cooperation, and proactive measures to mitigate pest-related nuisances in condominiums. It also touches upon the legal considerations and potential remedies available to address such issues. Overall, the blog provides insights and guidance for both condominium corporations and unit owners on dealing with common element nuisances related to pests.


common element nuisance, pests, bugs, condominium living, condominium community, condominium corporations, unit owners, communication, cooperation, proactive measures, identification, prevention, resolution, legal considerations, remedies, condominiums.

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Common element nuisance – what’s bugs got to do (got to do with it)?
May 30, 2023
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