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Color Palettes Inspired by Winter Holidays

Publication date:
December 16, 2021
Article Summary: 

Winter is a season rich with colors, contrary to the common perception of it being dull and colorless. From the red cardinals perched on snowy branches to vibrant holiday decorations, winter offers an abundance of color inspiration for home decor. With numerous holidays in December, homeowners have a variety of palettes to choose from when decorating for the season.

Inspired by Hanukkah, a palette of blue, white, and gold takes center stage. Blue and white symbolize purity, peace, light, faith, wisdom, and truth, while gold adds an elevated touch. Decor items like an Architectural Menorah Candle Holder, blue and white rugs, and gold accents can create a sophisticated and welcoming ambiance.

St. Lucia’s Day:
The palette for St. Lucia’s Day, celebrated in Sweden, includes white, red, and green. This traditional combination honors Saint Lucy, who is said to have brought food to Christians in hiding with a candlelit wreath on her head. Decorate with striped red throw pillows, white candles, deer ornaments, poinsettias, and cypress wreaths. Dark oak hardwood floors complement this timeless palette beautifully.

A contemporary twist on traditional Christmas colors, this palette includes soft pinks and brushed golds. Elegant pieces like blush velvet chairs, white sherpa stockings, rose gold fairy lights, and gold accents create a sophisticated look. Pair these with a white oak hardwood floor to brighten the space and highlight the winter light.

Kwanzaa’s palette features bold reds, greens, and blacks, representing African heritage and unity. These rich, earthy colors create a warm atmosphere. Incorporate them through natural materials like pine trees and wreaths or colorful decor like rugs, ornaments, and kinaras.

Each palette provides a unique way to celebrate the winter holidays, ensuring that homes are filled with joy and festive spirit. For more inspiration, homeowners can explore design blogs for tips on achieving a natural holiday look and styling popular gathering areas.


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Color Palettes Inspired by Winter Holidays
December 16, 2021
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