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Change Request: How To Submit, Manage And Execute

Quincy Yarbrough
Publication date:
June 17, 2021
Article Summary: 

Change Request: How To Submit, Manage And Execute

Change requests are a core component of the change management process and are formal documents that outline modifications to some aspect of the project or organization. They can come from within or outside the organization, and the process for creating them is the same, simplifying the process of creating, submitting, monitoring and approving them. Change requests can be sorted into different categories depending on the objective of the change, with four key types of change requests to be aware of. Each of these four can apply to both projects and organizations as a whole.
Change requests are documents that document details of processes or tasks that need to be changed in a project or organization. Normal change requests address a significant alteration to operations, existing systems, infrastructure, etc. Standard change requests are low-risk changes that occur often, while major change requests involve substantial, far-reaching changes that require substantial financing. Emergency change requests are high-priority proposals for immediate change that can be used to prevent unexpected circumstances from wreaking havoc. Change requests are necessary when high-level goals and objectives and/or project deliverables change or are added on to.

They document the proposed modification and are then passed along to an individual stakeholder for approval. Change requests summarize everything they need to know and simplify how the change management process will progress.


change management, change request, project change request, change management process, standard operating procedure (SOP), internal control procedures (ICPs), organizational change request

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Quincy Yarbrough
Change Request: How To Submit, Manage And Execute
June 17, 2021
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