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Physical Building Operations

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Catch Basin Cleaning and Maintenance for Efficient Water Drainage

Publication date:
March 5, 2019
Article Summary: 

The blog discusses the importance of catch basin cleaning for preventing water damage and flooding. Catch basins are an essential part of a building's drainage system, collecting rainwater and diverting it away from the building. Over time, catch basins can become clogged with debris and sediment, preventing proper drainage and increasing the risk of water damage. The blog explains the process of catch basin cleaning, which involves removing the debris and sediment from the basin and ensuring that it is properly functioning. The author emphasizes the importance of regular catch basin cleaning to prevent water damage and maintain the integrity of a building's drainage system.


catch basin cleaning, water damage, flooding, drainage system, rainwater, clogged, debris, sediment, regular maintenance.

Source Citation: 
Catch Basin Cleaning and Maintenance for Efficient Water Drainage
March 5, 2019
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