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Caring for Trees

Ken Lund
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The article emphasizes the importance of caring for trees and shrubs in condominium landscapes during spring. The author encourages readers to observe and take care of their woody plants, highlighting the value they provide in terms of shade, privacy, aesthetics, and environmental benefits. The article provides practical tips for tree care, starting from the root area and moving up to the crown. It discusses the significance of visible root flares, the impact of soil and mulch mounding against the trunk, and the potential for encircling roots that can harm the tree. The article recommends consulting certified arborists for corrective actions and emphasizes the importance of mulching around trees to improve their health. It also addresses potential damage from rodents, insects, fungus, and the need to check and possibly remove stakes and guy wires. Lastly, the article suggests addressing salt damage caused by snow removal practices by using agricultural gypsum and discussing preventive strategies with snow contractors.


tree care, spring, woody plants, condominium landscapes, root flares, soil and mulch mounding, encircling roots, certified arborists, mulching, health, damage prevention, salt damage, snow removal, preventive strategies.

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Ken Lund
Caring for Trees
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