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Can You Tow A Car From A Condo Parking Lot?

Kim Brown
Publication date:
February 7, 2023
Article Summary: 

Condo communities have the authority to tow vehicles parked in unauthorized locations or violating parking rules, but the process and regulations vary depending on local laws and governing documents. Towing may be permitted based on clear parking bylaws outlined in the condo's governing documents, with steps such as issuing notices and fines before towing. However, vague regulations may make towing challenging without explicit authorization or signage. Boards and management should communicate parking rules clearly to residents and provide fair opportunities to resolve parking issues before resorting to towing.


Condo parking, Towing regulations, Local laws, Governing documents, Parking bylaws, Unauthorized parking, Vehicle towing, Enforcement, Notice issuance, Resident communication

Source Citation: 
Kim Brown
Can You Tow A Car From A Condo Parking Lot?
February 7, 2023
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