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Building Envelope Retrofit Projects: Making Data-Driven Decisions to Reduce Energy Losses

Mansour Asrani and Susan Horne
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Building envelope retrofit projects are essential for improving energy efficiency in buildings, but they often lack clarity and data-driven decision-making. Retrofits targeting energy losses in the building envelope may be based on assumptions and uncertain outcomes, leading to wasted resources. A data-driven approach involves setting measurable goals based on unbiased data, conducting thorough research, and collecting relevant information before planning. Data powers informed decision-making, allowing organizations to prioritize issues, allocate funds effectively, and achieve energy reduction and sustainability targets. Advanced tools like thermal imaging using drones enable precise identification of energy losses and moisture-related issues. Data-driven retrofit plans, backed by reliable data and artificial intelligence, offer valuable returns on investment by addressing critical failures in the building envelope.


Building envelope retrofit, energy losses, data-driven decision-making, assumptions, resources, research, measurable goals, thermal imaging, drones, AI, energy efficiency, sustainability, prioritization, cost-benefit analysis, moisture issues, retrofit plans.

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Mansour Asrani and Susan Horne
Building Envelope Retrofit Projects: Making Data-Driven Decisions to Reduce Energy Losses
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