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Best windows for Canadian winters

Eco Choice
Publication date:
September 5, 2020
Article Summary: 

This blog discusses the features that make the best windows for Canadian winters. The article highlights that the number of window panes, the gas used in glazing, and the frame material all play a crucial role in winter window insulation. Double- and triple-glazed windows, Argon and Krypton gases, Low-E coatings, and frames made of vinyl or aluminum are some of the essential features for winter insulation. The blog also emphasizes the importance of measuring the insulating performance of a window using parameters such as U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), and energy rating. The ENERGY STAR® label is also recommended as a certification of a window's thermal performance.


windows, Canadian winters, insulation, double-glazed windows, triple-glazed windows, Argon, Krypton, Low-E coatings, frames, U-factor, SHGC, energy rating, ENERGY STAR®.

Source Citation: 
Eco Choice
Best windows for Canadian winters
September 5, 2020
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