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Benefits of Hiring A Local Roofing Company

Crown Industrial Roofing
Publication date:
December 14, 2018
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Benefits of Hiring a Local Roofing Company
Dec 14, 2018

If you’re an owner of commercial property and are looking for a reliable commercial roofing contractor, you’ve probably already come across several commercial or industrial roofing companies in your search – some of them well-known franchises and some local contractors.

While many people think that brand name recognition takes precedence over anything else, there are many unique benefits to hiring a local commercial roofing company in Toronto for your next commercial roofing project.

We get it. Finding a highly skilled, dedicated and trustworthy Toronto-based commercial roofing contractor can be a challenge. And, we understand that you only want the best without spending more than you need to. That’s where local roofing contractors come in. At Crown Industrial Roofing, we have over 40 years of impeccable service and have consistently been ranked as one of the highest quality local commercial roofing contractors across the Greater Toronto Area.

So, why hire local? Read on to discover five benefits to hiring local commercial roofing contractors in Toronto, Ontario.

Geographical Proximity
Geographical proximity is a clear advantage when hiring a local commercial roofing contractor. Not only will it take a shorter time to meet up with the contractor you’ve hired, but scheduling also becomes less of a hassle for both parties involved. You’ll also have an easier time inspecting the company’s workmanship, as they have likely installed or repaired commercial or industrial flat roofs on other local commercial buildings.

Quicker Response Times
When you hire a local commercial roofing company, you can be confident that local generally means more punctual. Not only will a local company call you back faster than a national roofing company, but they are also likely to schedule faster appointments – and they’ll get to your property sooner, meaning the job will get done quicker.

Readily Available for Emergency Repairs
Hiring a local commercial or industrial roofing contractor can be helpful if you need immediate assistance after a storm, or any other type of emergency that can affect the structure of your roof, or your property as a whole. For example, if your flat roof becomes severely damaged after a storm, it’s beneficial to have a local roofing company nearby to quickly assess the situation, and get your business out of immediate danger as soon as possible.

Familiar With Local Building Regulations
There are certain industrial or commercial roofing standards unique to each local area – some of them a large national company may not fully be aware of. Non-locals are more likely to overlook such details, potentially leading to non-compliance. This can cause major delays, penalties, or extra dollars that you were not initially planning on spending.

At Crown Industrial Roofing, we know the local building codes front-to-back. We’re a team of highly skilled industrial roofing contractors that are properly licensed and insured, and in good standing with W.S.I.B. You can be confident that every commercial roofing project we complete in the Greater Toronto Area is within building regulations and government standards.

Community Focused
Local commercial roofing contractors are more apt to take part in community events because they live and work in the community – they are your neighbours too! Not only will a local company better understand how the community is ran, but it will also go the extra mile to ensure you have a great experience with your next commercial roofing project. After all, word-of-mouth is powerful, and reputation is a very meaningful thing.

Your Local GTA Commercial Roofing Contractor

Hiring a commercial roofing company is a major undertaking and all factors should be considered before making your final decision. One of the most important factors to consider is hiring a local contractor that you can trust and rely on to deliver the best work possible.


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Crown Industrial Roofing
Benefits of Hiring A Local Roofing Company
December 14, 2018
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