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Be On the Lookout for Unqualified Remediation People

Paul Davis GTA West Group
Publication date:
March 23, 2018
Article Summary: 

After experiencing severe damage from a fire, flood, or other incidents, it is essential to be cautious while selecting a remediation company to repair the damage. Unqualified and dishonest companies can approach immediately and take advantage of the property owner. The article advises contacting the insurance agent or adjuster to get a list of qualified companies to avoid such companies. The recommended companies should be verified with on-site inspection, references, license verification, liability insurance, BBB ratings, a written remediation plan and schedule, and a payment schedule. It is essential to understand the contract before signing and never pay significant deposits upfront. Always make payments to a company entity, not an individual, and use credit cards whenever possible.


unqualified remediation, fire damage, flood damage, insurance agent, adjuster, qualified companies, verification, remediation plan, payment schedule, credit card, contract.

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Paul Davis GTA West Group
Be On the Lookout for Unqualified Remediation People
March 23, 2018
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