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Baseball Arbitration for Condominium Communities

Marc Bhalla
Publication date:
July 1, 2021
Article Summary: 

Baseball arbitration, also known as final offer selection, is a dispute resolution process used in Major League Baseball when player and team cannot agree on compensation. It limits potential outcomes to the final offers provided by the parties, and a neutral decision maker selects one offer as the final decision. This approach can be useful in condominium disputes, particularly for smaller issues that do not warrant expensive and lengthy resolution processes. It allows for a timely decision and retains a degree of control for the involved parties. The decision maker being neutral ensures fairness and reduces political fallout. Baseball arbitration promotes a more reasonable approach in presenting final offers, increasing the chances of reaching an agreement. The process also limits challenges and appeal rights, streamlining the resolution. While not suitable for complex conflicts with high stakes, baseball arbitration can offer a cost-effective way to make decisions and move forward in condominium communities.


Baseball arbitration, final offer selection, condominium disputes, dispute resolution, neutral decision maker, cost-effective, decision making, collaboration, fairness, appeal rights, process efficiency.

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Marc Bhalla
Baseball Arbitration for Condominium Communities
July 1, 2021
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