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Balancing the Right to Privacy & Protection in Condo Communities

Winston Stewart
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Discusses the balance between the right to privacy and the need for security in condominium communities. It emphasizes the evolving nature of condo security, incorporating digital surveillance, biometric access controls, and other high-tech tools alongside live guarding. While technology-equipped condo properties experience heightened security, there's a growing concern about the erosion of privacy rights. The article highlights the challenges of finding a balance between security and privacy and complying with privacy laws. It emphasizes the importance of comprehensive privacy protocols, communication with residents, and involving condo boards to address residents' concerns. The article suggests involving security providers or surveillance management consultants to develop governance frameworks and manage the process of implementing security measures while ensuring resident comfort and protection.


Condo security, privacy, security measures, digital surveillance, biometric access controls, privacy laws, privacy concerns, communication with residents, governance framework, security providers, resident comfort.

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Winston Stewart
Balancing the Right to Privacy & Protection in Condo Communities
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