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Auditor General’s 2020 Annual Report Implications for the Condominium Industry

Victor Yee
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Discusses the implications of the Auditor General of Ontario's 2020 Annual Report for the condominium industry. The report's focus on "Condominium Oversight in Ontario" raised various criticisms and recommendations, some of which the author finds misguided. The report suggested that unit owners should be entitled to both record and non-record information about their condos, leading to potential challenges in managing information queries. The article argues that if non-record information is to be provided, condos would need to hire additional personnel to handle the increased workload, which would necessitate higher management fees and better compensation for property managers. The article also addresses the role of property managers in relation to owner complaints and board decisions. It points out that managers often face blame for board decisions and become targets for complaints even when they merely deliver decisions. The shortage of qualified condominium managers is highlighted, and the need to make condominium management more attractive as a career choice is emphasized. The article suggests that addressing the shortage requires increasing salaries, improving workplace harassment policies, and recognizing the challenges managers face. It also points to the potential negative consequences of criticism without considering the real-world effects it can have on the industry and professionals. Overall, the article calls for more support for the condominium management industry.


Auditor General of Ontario, 2020 Annual Report, Condominium industry, Property managers, Non-record information, Management fees, Owner complaints, Board decisions, Condominium managers, Career choice, Workplace harassment policies, Industry support.

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Victor Yee
Auditor General’s 2020 Annual Report Implications for the Condominium Industry
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