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Asbestos Testing Toronto

Icon Restoration Services Inc
Publication date:
December 20, 2022
Article Summary: 

Asbestos Testing Toronto

Icon Restoration seems to be a reputable company that offers asbestos testing and removal services in Toronto and across Canada. Asbestos is a hazardous material that was commonly used in construction until the 1990s when its dangers were exposed. Asbestos-containing materials can be found in many older residential and commercial structures, such as pipes, drywall, and ceiling tiles.

If you suspect that your home or business may contain asbestos, it is important to have it professionally tested and removed if necessary. Icon Restoration provides a free visual asbestos examination, during which a sample of the suspected material is extracted and sent to a certified lab for testing. Results are typically given in a comprehensive report within 24-48 hours.

If asbestos is found, Icon Restoration can perform safe and efficient asbestos removal services. The company prioritizes containment to prevent cross-contamination and keeps the safety of your family and home in mind throughout the entire process.

Overall, if you suspect that your property may contain asbestos, it is best to contact a professional like Icon Restoration to handle the testing and removal process to ensure that it is done safely and efficiently.


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Icon Restoration Services Inc
Asbestos Testing Toronto
December 20, 2022
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