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Are Managers Being Penalized

Justin K Erfin
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The article discusses the issue of resident retaliation against condominium managers and the potential consequences it can have on the professionalism and safety of the workplace. The author highlights that managers have a contractual duty to uphold compliance with condominium rules and regulations, including the collection of Common Element Fees (CEF). When managers enforce these rules and collect fees, they might face complaints or accusations from delinquent owners or residents. In some cases, the board of directors might accommodate these complaints, which can lead to questioning the manager's actions and professionalism.

The article emphasizes that managers should not be penalized or harassed for following procedures required for building operations, such as chasing arrears or issuing Notices of Liens. It also discusses the issue of videotaping or recording conversations without consent, which can lead to legal and safety concerns. The author suggests that the condominium corporation and its solicitors should take action to prevent behavior that compromises the safety of the workplace and the well-being of workers. This includes restraining resident conduct that results in dangerous conditions on the common elements or interferes with the corporation's statutory duties.


condominium managers, resident retaliation, professionalism, workplace safety, compliance, Common Element Fees, workplace retaliation, Occupational Health and Safety Code, workplace environment, condominium rules, videotaping, consent.

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Justin K Erfin
Are Managers Being Penalized
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