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An Exercise in Perspective, Balance & Communications

Josée Deslongchamps, RCM
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Emphasizes the challenges and complexities of condominium management, particularly in balancing the perspectives of managers, board members, and owners. It discusses the competing priorities that condo managers navigate, including their obligations to the management firm, legal responsibilities, and fulfilling contractual obligations to the community. The article highlights the delicate balancing act required by both managers and board members to ensure the safety, comfort, and long-term fiscal health of the condominium community. Communication is a key theme, as the article acknowledges the need to understand and cope with owner communications that often come after regular business hours. It also touches on the challenges of having difficult conversations with passionate and sometimes angry individuals while maintaining professionalism and a sense of humor.


Condominium management, Perspective balance, Competing priorities, Condo managers, Board members, Owners, Communication challenges, Safety, Comfort, Long-term fiscal health, Difficult conversations, Professionalism.

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Josée Deslongchamps, RCM
An Exercise in Perspective, Balance & Communications
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