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Alberta Court Orders Removal Of Dog From Condominium

Mohiminol Khandaker
Publication date:
February 7, 2020
Article Summary: 

The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench has ordered a couple to remove their dog from their condominium unit because it violated the pet provisions in the condominium corporation’s by-laws and rules. The couple had lived in the unit for 17 years and had owned three dogs during that time, and while the by-laws prohibited dogs in the building, the corporation had previously been lenient on enforcing this rule. However, in 2015, a policy was adopted which only allowed previously registered dogs in the building to stay, which excluded the couple’s new dog as it had not been registered with the Board. The Court found that the condominium corporation’s decision to enforce the pet policy and pursue the dog’s removal was reasonable in the circumstances. The Court also rejected the couple’s argument that their dog was a support/service animal as it had not been registered as a qualified service dog under Alberta’s Service Dogs Act, 2007.


Alberta Court of Queen's Bench, condominium, pet provisions, pet by-law, pet policy, dog, relocation, registration, enforcement, service animals, trained, certified, no-pet provision, reasonableness, flexibility, unit owners, personal tragedy, support/service animal, qualified service dog, Service Dogs Act, training program.

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Mohiminol Khandaker
Alberta Court Orders Removal Of Dog From Condominium
February 7, 2020
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