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Project Management

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Agile Project Management: Principles, Meetings, Values & Tools

Devin Deen
Publication date:
April 12, 2022
Article Summary: 

Agile Project Management: Principles, Meetings, Values & Tools

Agile project management is an iterative approach that consists of delivering a project through short time cycles called sprints. It is highly adaptable and allows teams to adjust the project plan as they go rather than following a linear, traditional project plan. The history of agile project management began in 2000 when 17 software developers started what would become agile project management. The Manifesto for Agile Software Development laid out four key values and 12 agile principles. Agile project management has four core values that were developed when the Agile Manifesto was written: individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and responding to change over following a plan.

The 12 Agile Principles were codified during the writing of the Agile Manifesto and provide a roadmap for agile project management teams. These principles include early and continuous delivery of valuable software, welcome changing requirements, deliver projects frequently, coordinate team members daily, build projects around motivated individuals, use face-to-face conversation, promote sustainable development, pay attention to technical excellence and good design, maximize the amount of work not done, and reflect on how to become more effective.


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Devin Deen
Agile Project Management: Principles, Meetings, Values & Tools
April 12, 2022
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