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A Tech-Savvy Approach to Condo Safety

Concierge Plus
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The article discusses how pandemic-induced restrictions have prompted condominium associations to adopt technology solutions to improve safety for residents and guests. One such solution is the use of occupancy limits and social distancing measures, which residents can remotely manage via a community app. Another is the implementation of a virtual Entry Instructions feature, which allows residents to communicate instructions to front desk or security staff responsible for granting access to guests. Additionally, the Resident Experience Management platform facilitates the process of package deliveries by integrating with smart package lockers and notifying residents via SMS or phone call when a delivery arrives. Overall, the use of technology tools provided by Concierge Plus has helped condominium associations improve safety and efficiency while reducing operational costs and providing a better resident experience.


Tech-Savvy, Condo Safety, Pandemic Restrictions, Technology Solutions, Community App, Occupancy Limits, Social Distancing, Virtual Entry Instructions, Resident Experience Management Platform, Package Deliveries, Smart Package Lockers, SMS, Phone Call, Operational Costs, Resident Experience.

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Concierge Plus
A Tech-Savvy Approach to Condo Safety
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