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A Recent CAT Decision on Adequate Record Keeping

Nicole Robinson
Publication date:
December 2, 2022
Article Summary: 

The recent ruling by the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of adhering to the regulations outlined in the Condominium Act. In this particular case, the CAT determined that the reasons provided by the defendant for their refusal did not meet the criteria of a reasonable excuse as defined by the Act. The refusal stemmed from a lack of clarity regarding their obligations under the legislation, leading to a failure to maintain necessary records. This ruling underscores the critical importance of comprehending and abiding by the mandates set forth in the Condominium Act.

Effective management of condominium properties necessitates meticulous record-keeping practices. Failure to maintain accurate records not only compromises transparency within the condominium community but also exposes individuals and entities to potential penalties and disputes. By ensuring that records are properly documented and maintained, condominium boards and property managers can uphold accountability and facilitate efficient decision-making processes.

Moreover, this ruling emphasizes the need for ongoing education and training regarding condominium laws and regulations. A clear understanding of the legal requirements empowers stakeholders within the condominium community to fulfill their duties effectively and avoid inadvertent violations. Investing in educational initiatives and resources can help mitigate confusion and ensure compliance with the Condominium Act.

Ultimately, the CAT's decision serves as a valuable lesson for all parties involved in condominium management. By proactively addressing compliance issues and prioritizing record-keeping practices, condominium communities can foster a culture of accountability and transparency, thereby promoting harmony and stability within the shared living environment.


CAT Decision, Adequate Record Keeping, penalties, fines, condo bylaws, condominium act

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Nicole Robinson
A Recent CAT Decision on Adequate Record Keeping
December 2, 2022
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