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A Quick Guide to Contractor Risk & Contractor Risk Management

Shawn Dickerson
Publication date:
October 7, 2022
Article Summary: 

A Quick Guide to Contractor Risk & Contractor Risk Management

Contractor risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling the risks associated with an organization's contractors. It involves screening and protecting yourself from issues that might arise in your relationship with the general contractor and their work on the project. It is used to manage the work of general contractors and subcontractors, but managing that risk becomes more difficult when that risk is shouldered by independent contractors, not under the full authority of the organization. Contractor risk management defines the parameters of the relationship and explains who is responsible for what when it comes to setting up a risk management process. Project Manager is an online software that connects project managers and contractors to coordinate their work.

It provides safety guidelines for workers and streamlines operations. It also gives teams the tools to make the right decisions to avoid risk. Having a contractor risk management plan in place will boost the overall confidence of the project team and help them to balance risk factors. There are always ways to improve contractor risk management, but regardless of how prepared you are, there is always room for improvement. Construction Contractors are not employees, so it is important to stay consistent and set expectations.

Managers should have regular meetings with contractors and get status reports from them. Create a chain of command, be clear about who the contractor should report to and when they need to report to them, and keep the lines of communication open. Lack of communication can lead to poor productivity.


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Shawn Dickerson
A Quick Guide to Contractor Risk & Contractor Risk Management
October 7, 2022
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