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A Pro Organizer On What To Consider Before You Remodel

Patricia Lee
Publication date:
June 2, 2022
Article Summary: 

A Pro Organizer On What To Consider Before You Remodel

Remodeling is an opportunity to create a space that reflects your personal style, but also to incorporate better functionality for everyday living. To ensure a successful remodel, it is important to consider how you live now and how you'd like to live ideally. Four questions to consider before remodeling include how do you currently use your spaces, what isn't working, and where do you have children do their homework. Plan for work surfaces with storage nearby for your employees, and consider where you will work. Dedicating a space for important papers, basic office supplies, electronics chargers and equipment, checkbooks, and thank-you cards will help keep you organized.

If you often work from home, an ergonomically designed workspace could boost productivity and be better for your body. Consider hiring a professional organizer to help you think through your needs, recommend appropriate storage, and come up with creative ideas to maximize your space before remodeling plans.


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Patricia Lee
A Pro Organizer On What To Consider Before You Remodel
June 2, 2022
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