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A Good Neighbour Gone Bad

Marc Bhalla
Publication date:
October 12, 2018
Article Summary: 

This article discusses the challenges of dealing with a good neighbor who turns "bad" in a condominium community. The change in behavior may result from lifestyle changes or the evolution of the community's culture. The article presents a case study of a neighbor who got a yappy dog, causing disturbances and leading to tensions among neighbors. The author emphasizes the importance of communication and understanding in addressing such issues. Rather than reacting emotionally, it's essential to carefully consider how to approach the situation and whether the neighbor is aware of their behavior. The article also suggests considering possible reasons for the change, such as mental health challenges or aging struggles, and encourages kindness and empathy in resolving conflicts with neighbors.


Condominium, Neighbors, Lifestyle Changes, Community Culture, Nuisance Behavior, Yappy Dog, Communication, Understanding, Tensions, Emotional Reaction, Mental Health, Aging Struggles, Kindness, Empathy.

Source Citation: 
Marc Bhalla
A Good Neighbour Gone Bad
October 12, 2018
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