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A General Licence is Not Enough

Eric Plant
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The article emphasizes the complexity of the role of a condominium manager and the unique challenges they face, including the need to possess knowledge in various areas such as law, insurance, conflict management, finance, and building components. It highlights the inadequacy of current education standards for condominium managers, with some managers obtaining a General Licence after minimal training. This raises concerns about the level of responsibility they hold in overseeing multi-million dollar corporations managed by volunteer boards with limited training.

The article discusses the Registered Condominium Manager (RCM) designation as a potential solution to elevate the quality of condominium management. It notes that while the RCM designation requires similar educational requirements to the General Licence, RCM holders stand out due to their voluntary commitment to continuing education. RCMs are required to earn annual educational points through engagement in the condominium management community, attending seminars, luncheons, and networking events. The article also highlights the benefit of being part of ACMO's professional condominium management community, which provides resources, networking opportunities, and support to RCMs.

The article acknowledges the increasing complexity and regulations in the condominium management industry and underscores the value of RCM designation holders who actively seek to improve their skills and knowledge beyond the minimum requirements.


condominium manager, education, General Licence, Registered Condominium Manager (RCM), continuing education, professional community, condominium management, complexity, regulations.

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Eric Plant
A General Licence is Not Enough
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