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A Day in the Life:

Lori Dunlop
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Lori Dunlop shares a humorous anecdote about her experience as a property manager. She worked with an adept superintendent named Jeanne to address plumbing issues using a mechanical snake. A resident had poured melted candle wax down the sink, causing a blockage. Jeanne followed instructions to remove the p-trap and use the snake to clear the clog. However, as the snake was rewound, it suddenly came loose and flung bits of red candle wax all over the kitchen, creating a chaotic mess. Despite the mishap, they managed to get the water running again and left, laughing about the unexpected turn of events. The story remains a source of amusement for Lori and Jeanne even after 25 years.


Lori Dunlop, property manager, superintendent, mechanical snake, plumbing issues, p-trap, candle wax, blockage, humor, anecdote, chaos, amusement.

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Lori Dunlop
A Day in the Life:
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