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A Condo Board’s Guide To Fixing People Problems

Pat Crosscombe
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In this guide by Pat Crosscombe, Founder & CEO of BoardSpace, the focus is on addressing people problems within condo boards. Crosscombe emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing problematic behavior among board members to maintain effective governance. He discusses common issues such as constant interruptions, arguments, breaches of confidentiality, and informal meetings held by directors. The guide advocates for proactive measures, such as thorough orientation for new directors, setting clear expectations, and intervening early to prevent problems from escalating. Key principles include prioritizing the condo corporation's interests, wearing the "right hat" as a director, maintaining confidentiality, intervening promptly, and respecting diversity. Crosscombe emphasizes the collective responsibility of the board to address and resolve issues as they arise to ensure cohesive functioning and effective decision-making.


Condo board, governance, problematic behavior, orientation, proactive measures, conflict resolution, board responsibilities, confidentiality, diversity, decision-making.

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Pat Crosscombe
A Condo Board’s Guide To Fixing People Problems
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