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9 Ways To Achieve Measurable DEI Goals and Objectives in 2022

John Rossheim
Publication date:
November 4, 2022
Article Summary: 

The past few years have highlighted the slow progress that many employers have made with diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. To make real progress this coming year, it is important to identify goals that can be met by year's end. To do this, employers should assess and survey their organization's diversity, inclusiveness, and equitable treatment of candidates and workers. Additionally, they should choose and deploy trainings to fill gaps in their people's understanding of what diversity, equity, and inclusion are and how they can be advanced. John Dooney suggests that employers should consider training managers on how to translate a candidate's existing skills to the qualifications of the job.

They should also set numerical diversity goals for the calendar year and build diverse pipelines with local high schools, colleges, and universities. Finally, they should expand their recruiting geography, as the pandemic has opened up broader horizons for diverse recruiting. Location is no longer a barrier to attracting and hiring diverse employees. Employers should use inclusive language in job postings, mask irrelevant identifiers in resumes, take a second look at required qualifications, and tie executive pay to the company's DEI performance. This will help ensure that the organization can achieve its 2021 objectives in diversity, equity, and inclusion.


training, diversity training, diversity and inclusiveness training, work environment, equity and inclusion program, employer wellness, hiring manager skills training, people skills training

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John Rossheim
9 Ways To Achieve Measurable DEI Goals and Objectives in 2022
November 4, 2022
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