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9 Things To Consider Before Your Next Interior Common Element Renovation

Holden Johnson
Publication date:
August 21, 2019
Article Summary: 

This blog provides a list of nine things to consider before starting an interior condo renovation project. The author suggests assessing the building's rules and regulations, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, creating a detailed plan and budget, considering the project's impact on neighboring units, choosing a reliable and experienced contractor, selecting durable and low-maintenance materials, thinking about future resale value, and preparing for unexpected issues that may arise during the renovation process. The author also emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration with the building's management and board throughout the renovation process.


interior condo renovation, building rules and regulations, permits, approvals, planning, budget, impact on neighboring units, contractor, materials, resale value, unexpected issues, communication, collaboration, building management, board.

Source Citation: 
Holden Johnson
9 Things To Consider Before Your Next Interior Common Element Renovation
August 21, 2019
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