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8 Updates Your Home Needs Every 10 Years

Raj Kain
Publication date:
December 17, 2019
Article Summary: 

The article provides a list of eight updates that homeowners can make to their homes every ten years to maintain them. The suggestions include repainting the home's exterior and interior, replacing the carpet, reglazing or replacing windows, replacing the water heater, updating smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, installing a garbage disposal system, replacing old appliances, and re-caulking the bathtub, sink, and shower. The article suggests that replacing outdated appliances can help conserve energy and save money in the long run.


home upgrades, maintenance, painting, carpet replacement, window reglazing, water heater replacement, smoke detectors, garbage disposal, old appliances, energy conservation.

Source Citation: 
Raj Kain
8 Updates Your Home Needs Every 10 Years
December 17, 2019
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