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8 Employee Retention Secrets from Industry Leaders

Megan Keup
Publication date:
October 16, 2019
Article Summary: 

8 Employee Retention Secrets from Industry Leaders

8 Employee Retention Secrets from Industry LeadersThe most important details in this text are the strategies and secrets of business owners to keep employees at their jobs. Money talks, and Matthew Ross, co-owner and COO of My Slumber Yard, offers clear advancement opportunities and a friendly work environment. Megan Zaleski, vp of corporate HR for Herald PR, offers opportunities to make more money on the side, doing something you're passionate about or bringing in new business. Flexibility is attractive to employees, and as technology advances and businesses lose rigidity, opportunities to attract and keep employees open up.
SellMax, a cash-for-cars site, offers 100 percent remote work to the right fit, allowing employees to offer their opinion and change things around the business. It also helps with employee retention if a spouse gets a job in a different state and the family has to pull up stakes and relocate. Working remotely offers a solution that is mutually rewarding to employers and employees alike, increasing the likelihood of employee retention. Robin Schwartz, HR director, Find a Therapist, agrees, noting that many employees can manage their workload from home and create a unique schedule. This perk will benefit your organization's recruiting and retention strategies.


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Megan Keup
8 Employee Retention Secrets from Industry Leaders
October 16, 2019
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