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8 Approaches to Sustainable Landscape Construction

Marianne Lipanovich
Publication date:
April 23, 2022
Article Summary: 

8 Approaches to Sustainable Landscape Construction

Landscape pros on Houzz offer advice on how to make landscape construction more earth-friendly, such as researching options for keeping construction materials and wastewater out of landfills and storm drain systems, sharing relevant site data with the contractor, and working in tandem with the contractor to increase energy efficiency and reduce waste. Additionally, they suggest asking landscape contractors for their approaches to giving your project a less invasive footprint.
Landscape architects June Scott in Los Angeles and Christine Krause in Salisbury, Connecticut emphasize the importance of collaboration and sharing relevant site data with the contractor. They also recommend dividing plant debris, composting other plant material, and sourcing materials that are local whenever possible. Krause looks at the energy required to produce, ship and install products and tries to avoid petroleum-based products. Scott suggests using salvaged or recycled materials, which are even better since the homeowner is essentially giving them a second life.


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Marianne Lipanovich
8 Approaches to Sustainable Landscape Construction
April 23, 2022
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